When You Marry Her Family Too...

Marriage is more than simply marrying her.

They had a beautiful ceremony and gorgeous reception, but probably the most beautiful part of the entire wedding was this one part...

Sacrameto Bridal Photos on anchanting bridge


Wilton, California. 2019

These photos on their wedding day were taken on a bridge that look like it's straight off a movie set, but this bridge is in a back yard!


MARCH 2019


Walking in a winter dream world is not what I had in mind when I said yes to these snowy and magical photos

BRITTANY and aaron


There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a couple finally get the day of their dreams after being there for their engagement photos as well.




On Pier 39, holding my breath, I captured the moment she was blown away, and the moment he dropped to his knee and asked her to be his forever...

Emerald Bay

A hidden gem.



 The road up wasn't easy. A narrow two-lane road winding up an ever-climbing lake-side cliff. A parking lot lay hidden to the right, and I barely pulled in. Despite the fact that it was in the low 40's outside, the sun beat down on me, causing a cold sweat to develop. I climbed several small rocks and made it onto a larger boulder that overlooked the entire bay. What I was met with was a breath-taking view of a shining hidden jewel high on the outside of the Sierras. Beyond: Tahoe city beckons the weary travelers away from this sight, and only those who know the location exists will make the trip to this spot. 


     No photo can do this location justice. But dammit if I didn't try. Every ripple in the water and the sway of the trees were frozen in time for me in this single photo. But what I'll remember the most was the snow on the side of the road, the heat of the sun on my back, the feel of the uneven stone beneath me, and the smell of pine as my eyes adjusted to the beauty before me.