Photos in a Winter Dreamland

When they agreed to snowy photos for their engagement session I wasn't really sure what to expect. As a California native I spent most of my time on the west coast shoreline, not the Sierra mountains. But here I was in the back of Kyle's truck slowly climbing a dirt road that I had no idea even existed. I had passed by the road multiple times on various trips thinking it was leading to a farm, a vineyard, not some hidden valley in the mountains just outside of Sacramento. 

As we climbed, the highway view gave way to a jaw-dropping and surreal view of snow-tipped pines and redwoods. As far as my eye could see was nothing but mountains, snow, and endless horizon. I was awestruck at the beauty, so much so that I made a conscious decision not to photograph it. I wanted to experience it and remember it for myself. Photo were later.

When we made it to the summit, we began a descent down to the other side of the mountain, the hidden side, the side in the shadows that very few people knew even existed. The road was treacherous, the mountain towered over us as we crept lower into it's shadows. At the bottom of the mountain was a large river, and at it's mouth, a massive Dam. 

The photos that we captured here were nothing short of beautiful. Kyle and Mallory took us on a gorgeous journey and a photo session came out of it that did nothing less than show their love and quirky energy frozen in a moment as you can see in the photo to the left.

While the journey there was a slow crawl, the photo session and, later their wedding day, was an emotional rocket that took both Miranda and myself to the moon. 

Check out more of the photos from their engagement session below!