Sunsets and Star-Eyed Kisses

When they opened the door to their home I was instantly attacked with love from a 6 month old puppy named Cooper. He was a pitbull mix, and right away my heart melted. I met Brittany and Aaron and their amazing pool table and game room set-up made me want to befriend them right there. After an hour of questions, chatting, and petting a puppy, we signed the contracts and made a date to do engagement photos.

Flash forward almost a year later and they are saying their vows. It was an emotional wedding where all parties involved were crying (except me of course, I'm a stone-wall of emotional dissonance). But the sunset on that venue is what I remember the most. The golden hour was strikingly beautiful, the way the light struck everyone and everything at Miner's Leap Venue just outside of Sacramento was amazing. I remember thinking, "this couldn't be a better reflection of the warmth and love these two share". And I was right. 


Aaron and Brittany have shared almost a year since that day as I write this post and I even saw them recently, just as happy as ever. I hope these two have nothing short of a lifetime of that same warmth and sunshine I will always remember them for.  

Check out more of the photos from their wedding day below!