It began by accident...

The company was created, as with many great companies, by happenstance. Chris and Miranda were a duo that made their living photographing weddings, but when Chris was given the opportunity to work as a Digital Content Manager full time, he couldn't turn the opportunity down.


His passion for photography went from portraits to products where he soon became photographer and editor for a major wholesaler and watched the catalogs he created distributed world-wide.

His experiences working as a product photographer for several years served as the springboard for what would later become Alexander Imagery Studios. Now he uses what he learned behind the scenes to put his skills to the test and give other businesses an edge in marketing...



Having worked for the Walt Disney Company, Chris has ways of finding magic in most things. After graduating from Arizona State with his BA in Film, he turned to his passions in film and photography to create a place for himself in the world where he could create for a living, telling stories every day. 


With her background in business and a past as a licensed cosmetologist, she never thought she'd wind up becoming a photographer but she has proven to have an eye for detail and great behind a lens. When she's not working she can be found wandering the forests of Northern California or the shores of Santa Cruz. 


1. Consultation

It starts with the thinking cap. At Alexander Imagery Studios, we are firm believers in the visualization process as a tool to create the perfect images. Before we even pick up a camera, we are sketching, thinking, and breathing life into your images. 

The first step is sitting with you, figuring out what it is that you need from us, and creating the best package for you. 


Once we know whether you want the basics, or if you need video to truly make your home come to life, then we can get to the signing of the contract and begin the next step.  

That is how we make sure you get what you need...