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My name is Chris.

I have been working as a commercial photographer and filmmaker for many years now, something that began shortly before completing my education with degrees in Film and Media Studies. Ever since then I have had the privilege of working as a photographer in many areas such as studio portraits, sports, weddings, in-house product and catalog photographer, and eventually as a full time commercial photographer and filmmaker with dozens of brands under my belt, hundreds of people, and each of them becoming fond memories and partners in my artistic journey. 

When I'm not working, I'm playing video games, cuddling my dogs, or reading with a cup of coffee. 

Christopher Alexander

Founder of Alexander Imagery Studios



1. Pre-Production

It starts with the thinking cap. At Alexander Imagery Studios, we are firm believers in the visualization process as a tool to create the perfect images. Before we even pick up a camera, we are sketching, thinking, and breathing life into your images. 

This is something that Chris learned working as a catalog photographer: seeing everything before it made it's way to the page was the best way to avoid errors. 

That same thinking permeates every job and every image that is taken in the studio or out. To create a stunning image, you must know what it'll look like before the image is taken...

That is how we make sure you get what you need...



Using a TV When You Don't Have a Background For Your Photoshoot

No Background? No porblem!

Maybe you are looking to create something different, or like me, maybe you were stuck in bad weather and couldn't go outside to get the right image for your product or even model! 

Well luckily, if you have a Smart TV (the bigger the better) you can easily do the following to achieve a backdrop like the one you see here!

That's right, the snowy wonderland you see behind the adorable cake box is FAKE! 

Find out how below...

How to Stay Safe During a COVID Photoshoot

It's a New World Out There!

There's so much to know about COVID and it can be alarming but there are steps you can take to make sure that you and everyone in your photoshoot stay safe. Read on here!