Miranda's story starts when a camera was thrust into her hand and asked to be a last minute second shooter. All these years later she now helps run Alexander Imagery Studios as second shooter and right hand of the studio.

She graduated from cosmetology school before finding photography, and her skills have saved a bride or two from a melt-down. She too enjoys her Disney, Renaissance Faires, and dad jokes. 

Chris graduated from Arizona State University with his BA in Film and before creating Alexander Imagery Studios, he was, and still is,a full time catalog and product photographer. 

When he isn't saving the day behind his camera, he is an avid Disney nerd, film fanatic, and a writer. Where his passions and hobbies meet is where your story begins. 

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"When I started photography, I was looking for a hobby; A way to learn my way around the camera and make some short films and put my degree in Film to use. 

What came out of that hobby was a fire and passion for capturing a story, for piecing together the tenderness, the laughs, the tears, and creating something beautiful and something lasting.

Whether it's a wedding, a graduation, or a portrait session, what I see is a story waiting to be told..."

What's your story?